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How To Clean A Medical Office

How To Clean A Medical Office

If you have a medical office, you know that it is one of the places where most bacteria and viruses exist. Thanks to the amount of sick patients that come in. But we have the option to perform a deep cleaning to take care of ourselves and all the people who are there.
That is why in Express Clean we took care of making a guide of how to clean a medical office with the steps you should follow.

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Areas of high risk
The first thing to do is to identify the areas that have the most contact with people. It is very important to start there since it can be the focus of infection.
We must take into account telephones, door handles and light switches. Also tables, chairs, remote controls and magazines.
For these types of surfaces it is advisable to use stronger substances than soap and water to disinfect perfectly. If it is common that children arrive, don’t use disinfectant on the toys. Especially those that children could put in their mouths. Cleaning with soap and water is usually enough.
Learn How To Clean A Medical Office
Clean A Medical Office
Bathrooms and Office
For the bathrooms we must be very careful and use face mask and gunates. Avoid putting ourselves at risk by touching any dirty place. We must remove the garbage and sweep the place thoroughly to remove dust. By not doing that, people can easily sneeze and we want to reduce that risk.
We will use two measures of white vinegar and one measure of water to clean our sink and faucets. We will use some baking soda and water in equal parts, pour it over the toilet bowl and clean it with the help of a sponge.
You can use special bathroom cleaners instead.

To clean the office we recommend cleaning everything with a multipurpose disinfectant. Or with liquid soap dissolved in water (depending on the surface). Many times we have objects that require special care and be properly sterilized.

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