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Good Habits When Cleaning your House

Good Habits When Cleaning your House

Most of the times when cleaning up our house we do whatever we’ve been taught to do to “clean” and stop at that once we see the space right in front of us confortably clear, but in fact cleaning is much more than following hollow rituals without thinking and stopping once the dirt is out of our sight. Today we will discus some of the most valuable good habits when cleaning your house.

You don't have good habits when cleaning?

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Good habits for cleaning your house

-Start from above: Never start directly sweeping the floor! Then when you move something the accumulated dust will just rain down on it! Instead, you want to start from the top, taking down cobwebs, dusting the ceiling (yes, you are supposed to do that too!) and move down dusting the walls (or actually using a rag and some surface deodorant on tiled walls). That way all the dust and filth will be down and you can sweep it away.

-Lift your things up: Try getting as much things lifted from the ground as possible, so that when you sweep they don’t get stuck, and try to have space to maneuver because that way you can reach the hardest places. Don’t forget to take out the fluff that always gets stuck under or against the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture. Yeah, we know it’s disgusting.

-Consider the little things: Without getting in much detail pay attention to all the nooks and cranies where dirt can be hiding, like corners, the border of tiles, between the joints of different materials and others. Remember to take your time, put on some music and try not to get overwhelmed.

Organizing yourself is the key for a great result in every aspect of life, and cleaning your space is one of them. Think that a room reflects the mind of the one that inhabits the place, and tidying the place can be a great exercise to put the mind to rest.

Good habits when cleaning your home

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Now you have a couple more techniques to take with you in your next deep cleaning plan. Don’t let your next deep cleaning go to waste and improve your house cleaning habits!