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Clean The Exterior Of Your House

Clean The Exterior Of Your House

When cleaning your house, you may forget something important. Clean the exterior of your house. And even though it seems like a difficult task, it helps a lot to make your house look nice and neat.
Let’s start with the roof
Cleaning the gutters is our main goal. The leaves that fall from the trees cause the water to stagnate, which can cause leaks in our house.
First, with the help of our ladder we remove the leaves and place them inside our garbage bag. Then we clean the gutters with the hose and verify that there are no obstructions.
Cleaning the siding
To clean our siding we will need our pressure washer. We will also use liquid soap and a brush to remove excess mold, cobwebs and dirt.
How To Clean The Exterior Of Your House
Clean The Outdoor Of Your House
Cleaning doors and windows
For doors and windows we will have to clean with soapy water and a brush around the windows and in the grooves.
Be careful not to damage the wood and make sure there are no cracks through which moisture can seep in. To clean the windows we will need a glass cleaner (that we cand find in any store) and sheets of newspaper.
The handles and the door bell we will use a disinfectant and a microfiber towel. We apply the disinfectant on the microfiber towel and clean.
Clean the pavement/driveway pavers
To clean our pavement, we can use soapy water and a broom to scrub the dirt. Then, we will use our pressure washer to remove the stains. The same for driveway pavers by adding white vinegar dissolved in water.
Now that you know how to clean the exterior of your house, you can repeat this process once a month. You can complement your cleaning by resurfacing and painting the walls. Trimming your trees and grass or replacing old roof tiles.

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