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Get Your Guests Stop Smoking In Your Airbnb

Get Your Guests Stop Smoking In Your Airbnb

It is very common in enclosed places to restrict the use of cigarettes. since the odor is very easy to permeate on surfaces. Also because it is very easy to cause an incident with the ashes. That is why sometimes it is difficult for set the rules on our Airbnb. Especially when it comes to banning something that is hard to leave. But with these tips, it shouldn’t be an impediment to get your guests stop smoking in your Airbnb.

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Clarify the no-smoking policy

From the moment you enter your Airbnb profile, we have to make it clear that it is a smoke-free place. And there’s nothing wrong with being straightforward. Becuase the key to getting them to respect your rules is always to be as clear as possible. There will always be people who want to find a flaw to do what they want. It’s also important to make it clear that your property has 24-hour smoke monitoring. You can also choose to clarify that there is an extra deposit for any kind of incident not foreseen. Such as smoking where it is not allowed.
Get Your Guests Stop Smoking Inside Airbnb
How To Get Your Guests Stop Smoking In Your Airbnb

What to do in case they break the rule?

Always be ready for any kind of situation. We must act quickly and remove the cigarette odor from your Airbnb as soon as possible. You can choose to hire a last minute cleaning service. To eradicate it before your next guests arrive. In case it is a major problem like a fire. Make sure to talk directly to Airbnb to get the damages covered by the AirbnbCover. This insurance can cover up to one million dollars in damages, as long as you have the necessary proof. That is why it is important to have security systems. Such as 24-hour surveillance cameras inside and outside your property.

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