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Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes

Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes

Usually, many of the cleaning companies make mistakes. That call into question their prestige. And it is always in companies that are starting to operate. This may be due to lack of experience or poor training of their employees. So, if you are thinking of hiring a cleaning service from a start-up company. Here are the common commercial cleaning mistakes, to make you think twice.

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No knowledge of the cleaning business

Many new companies do not know how to deal with the responsibilities. And demands that come with owning a cleaning services company. It is very easy to start a business without knowing anything about it. That’s why most companies fail or don’t get very far. It also affects the fact that poor investment. Or management of capital results in bankruptcy.
Frequent Commercial Cleaning Mistakes
Usual Cleaning Mistakes

Very high prices and low service quality

High prices for a cleaning service are very common. Especially during the holiday season. As is the poor quality of service. That’s why there are many cleaning companies. That offer a good rate with an exceptional level of cleanliness. Especially when you need to clean your office or medical office at night. Poor organization and logistics can compromise your next day’s activities.

Lack of communication

The communication between the employee and the employer can be disastrous. If there are no rules to follow to improve communication between everyone. Also, it is important to always maintain contact with our client. Since many times doubts can arise or give extra indications. What originates that the company loses credibility. For that reason it is fundamental to contract a service that is pending the 24 hours of the day.
Recurrent Commercial Cleaning Mistakes
Regular Commercial Cleaning Mistakes

Hiring inexperienced personnel

This is a very common mistake that cleaning companies often make. Especially because hiring people with no experience in cleaning shortens expenses. But they don’t realize that the main thing is people’s satisfaction. Hiring staff that is not trained, also influences the loss of training time. This can hinder the company’s progress.

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