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Essential Classroom Cleaning Guide

Essential Classroom Cleaning Guide

We all know that it is important to keep the schools clean at all times, especially the classrooms. They are some of the dirtiest places. And everyone can be at risk of getting sick because of the season. That’s whywe have to know how to properly clean our work area. We took on the task of creating an essential classroom cleaning guide. Because it is important to take care of the health of our children and ourselves.

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Cleaning desks and surfaces

Students spend most of their time having contact with their desks. That is why we must be very meticulous about cleaning all surfaces. These are the main sources of infections in students. As they contain approximately 1200 aerobic bacteria per square inch. We will need a microfiber cloth and disinfectant that you can find in any store. You can use other natural means such as white vinegar with water. We only recommend this when there are no students and the room is completely ventilated.
Best Essential Classroom Cleaning Guide
Essential Classroom Cleaning Tips

Mop the floors and desinfect door knobs

The soles of shoes contain a lot of bacteria from the outside, as well as dust and dirt. It is important to give the floors the proper cleaning in case we drop an object. Convetional cleaners work perfectly well for this type of task. But be careful about mixing two or more substances. This mixture can cause long-term damage to the lungs. We recommend using eco-friendly cleaners. Door knobs and light switches are the most things we frequently used. So, they should be properly disinfected. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant that neutralizes any viruses and bacteria. Remember to apply it on a microfiber cloth and not directly. This will use less liquid and cover more areas. Remember that this is all you need in your cleaning toolkit.

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