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Clean Your Airbnb Security Camera

Clean Your Airbnb Security Camera

When you own an Airbnb, you try to make sure that everything is well organized. And complies with all the requirements to provide a good service. Part of that is having security devices that keep both (your guests and your Airbnb) safe. So here’s a little guide on how to clean your Airbnb security camera to avoid any future incidents. Having a security camera requires certain care for its optimal functioning. From installation to constant cleaning. It all depends on the ubication, (indoor or outdoor).

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To begin with we need to use gloves to avoid getting our fingerprints on our freshly cleaned camera. Fingerprints are very common on security cameras. This affects the reliability of our device. It is therefore advisable to clean it once a month.
For this, be very careful when cleaning the closed circuit lens. To avoid damaging its special coating that avoids light reflection.
We must verify if our camera moves remotely. If it moves remotely, it is best to disconnect it in order to be able to manipulate it correctly.
How To Clean Your Airbnb Security Camera
Clean Your Airbnb Security Cameras
To clean it we can use a can of compressed air to remove dirt and dust. If your camera has a lens protector, remove it and start cleaning the lens with a microfiber cloth. We can use a little glass cleaner for water and dirt stains. And we dry with newspaper pages. If you see that it has a lot of spider webs.
Try to clean it daily so that the spider knows that it is not a good place to stay and eventually they will leave. If your camera has moisture stains on the inside. you should call for support or a specialist to disassemble the camera dome for a thorough check. You may need to replace the protector as it may not seal tightly.