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Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Bathroom Cleaning Guide

We all know that cleaning a bathroom at home or in an office is difficult. But as a cleaning company, we are aware of that. Today we bring you a bathroom cleaning guide. One that you can apply for your house or business.

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  1. General Cleaning

The action of cleaning does not necessarily imply the disinfection of surfaces. Since the only guarantee for the disinfection of sanitary ware is the use of procedures. As well as products that kill microorganisms harmful to our health.

Eliminating the visible dirt using water or soap and a cloth, will not finish with some more resistant microorganisms. These will disappear after disinfecting and cleaning thoroughly.

  1. Disinfection

When cleaning sanitary ware, it is essential to achieve correct disinfection.

The professional cleaning treatments with ozone machines, for example, are very controlled. But in the domestic field, there is a multitude of products prepared for the disinfection of sanitary ware. All of it which you can buy in stores, and even some of those that we have at home usually.

When using hygiene and disinfection products for cleaning toilets, the most important thing is the exposure time. To allow them to act properly, and for this, you can apply it in each of the sanitary ware. Let them act while you continue with other tasks such as cleaning the bathroom screen or mirrors.

Bathroom Cleaning checklist
Bathroom Cleaning Guide
  1. Recover your bathroom’s brightness

With the passage of time, porcelain-enameled sanitary fixtures usually begin to present stains. Usually around the drain of the sink or inside the toilet.

There are some tricks and products that can help to correct its unsightly appearance, and that we tell in the following sections.

Toilets should be cleaned daily to avoid the accumulation of dirt. And, the need to use products that are aggressive to the environment and our health.

Never mix bleach or ammonia with other products or detergents. Since they can produce chemical reactions that can put your health at risk by external contact and inhalation.

For more bathroom cleaning guide information remember to follow us. We’ll be happy to help with any step.