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Spruce Up Your New Garden After Moving In

Spruce Up Your New Garden After Moving In

We know everything that goes into a move, from unpacking to making friends with the neighbors. Adjusting is no easy task and there are always a few details to work out. Like sprucing up the yard, whether the previous owners left it a mess or you just want to see it your way. Whichever answer you choose is fine, we’ll give you tips on how to spruce up your new garden after moving in.

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Before starting
We have to make a checklist of the things we want to do. We should start with the most difficult and laborious ones. Such as weeding weeds and plant debris such as fallen leaves and branches. Purify everything that we do not need in our new garden. If you want to remove plants, you can always choose to transfer them to a pot to be able to plant them elsewhere.
For this type of task you will need to have the necessary tools such as: rakes, hoes or a lawn mower. To cut the weeds by the roots, you will need special gardening gloves. Usually thick to avoid cuts or bites by a flower.
Arrange Your New Garden After Moving In
How To Spruce Up Your New Garden After Moving In
Distribute, plant and irrigate
At the end of removing everything that is not useful. You will have to remove the soil to oxygenate it and leave it in optimal conditions for planting. At this point you can take the opportunity to enrich the soil using organic fertilizer. This will help your plants to grow faster and adapt to the soil easily. At the moment of planting the flowers or the plant you have chosen. We will need to be very careful at the moment of distributing them. To avoid that they grow, pile up and need to move them again or in the worst of the cases, cut them. Keep in mind that if it is a very large garden, you will need an irrigation system or sprinklers.

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