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Safe Cleaning Practices For Humans And Animals

Safe Cleaning Practices For Humans And Animals

We often think that keeping our house clean is a simple task. But the truth is that many times we have bad practices when cleaning it. Like use products or substances that can cause irritation or sometimes serious damage. To internal organs when inhaled or ingested. So we have to avoid mix liquids that can affect our family and our pets. That’s why here we tell you the Safe Cleaning Practices For Humans And Animals.

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Before you start cleaning

It is very important that before performing any cleaning activity, we keep our pets away. Since both the chemical products of the cleaners and the dust can affect them due to their sense of smell. Many times our pets can also run the risk of drinking water with detergent that can affect their kidneys and cause their death. For this reason, it is preferable to place them in a safe place outdoors. Remember that you can use special pet products to clean your dogs house.
Safe Cleaning Methods For Humans And Animals
Safe Cleaning Practices For Animals And Humans

Which cleaners not to use

Most conventional cleaners have many toxic agents that can harm the health of our pets and family. That is why we recommend you to do a green clean in your apartment or house. While you can use eco-friendly cleaning products. We recommend avoiding products such as ammonia, benzalkonium chloride. And flammable products such as formaldehyde. Fragranced essential oils may not cause harm to humans. But they can cause harm to our pets, which is why we don’t recommend to use at all costs.

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