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Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning

Our Guide to Speed Cleaning

We know you’re short on time. We also know that you want to keep your house clean and tidy with no mess, no effort, and very few products. That’s why at Express Clean Co. we want to give Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning for you. So you can get everything done quickly and with less effort!

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Good habits are great for keeping your home tidy. So the tidier you are, the better! It will be quicker to clean up since you won’t have to pick up the mess all the time. If you pick up everything or put everything in its place, when it’s time to clean, the job will be easier.

The Toilet

5 minutes to clean the toilet! With the proper Cleaning Products and the necessary items, you can get your toilet sparkling clean in 5 minutes!

The Floor

In 15 minutes you can scrub the floor and leave it sparkling clean. Grab the mop and get started, your floor will be clean and if you don’t have to pick up the mess, it will be even better.

The timer!

Organize the activities by time, you’ll see how much faster it is and how much easier the process will be.

The bed

Did you know that you only need 180 seconds to make the bed? Yes, you do! Try it for a moment and see how fast it is. Besides, making the bed is the first thing you should do when you get up.

Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning

Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning

Aurora Our Guide to Speed Cleaning

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Less than 3 minutes

From  60 to 180 seconds is all you need! Look,  making the bed, cleaning the sink, or cleaning up some dust only takes 3 minutes! It is important that you change your mindset. Instead of thinking you have to do the whole house, just pick one area and focus. If you have the materials on hand, the task is much quicker.

Now, if you don’t really have any time at all, it’s time to contact a professional cleaning service or look for House Cleaning in Aurora.  They will make the cleaning process a breeze and you won’t have to put in any effort.

Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning

Our Guide to Speed Cleaning Aurora

Our Guide To Speed-Cleaning