You are currently viewing Move-Out Cleaning Tips That You Should Know

Move-Out Cleaning Tips That You Should Know

Move-Out Cleaning Tips That You Should Know

While cleanliness is essential in our home, it is even more important when you have to move from one apartment or house to another, so that the next residents feel comfortable in a clean environment, so here are some Move-Out Cleaning Tips That You Should Know.

What we have to do after packing all our belongings is to make sure that what is left is not useful to us, so we avoid throwing away or accidentally leaving something important.

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Second, do not cancel the electricity or water services before cleaning, otherwise we will not be able to continue. To begin with, we must clean all the spaces, for example: switches, ceiling fans and light fixtures. 
Furniture, cabinets, door handles.
We should clean all small spaces, for example: switches, ceiling fans and lamps, door knobs. What you can do is first remove dust or dirt, then with a mixture of liquid soap and water soak a microfiber cloth. Squeeze out the excess and start cleaning. Remember that it only has to be damp, not wet.
Move Out Cleaning Tips You Should Know
At the end we use an old cotton cloth to dry in case there is excess water.
Glass and mirrors are a fundamental part of the cleaning, since they get dirty more easily. We recommend you to apply special cleaning products for this type of surfaces (that you can find in any store) and clean them with sheets of newspaper, this way you will avoid leaving stains once it dries.

For all rooms, including bathrooms, kitchen and living room, it is important to have a vacuum cleaner (depending on the type of floor you have) to vacuum up all the dust left over from the previous cleaning.

Best Move Out Cleaning Tips You Should Know

The bathroom is the dirtiest place so we recommend you to start with the first one, you need to wear gloves to protect your hands from chemicals and remember not to combine two products as it can be harmful to your health in the long run.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the sink, shower and shower handles.
In the bedrooms, clean the cabinets inside and outside with a hand vacuum to remove excess dust. And in the kitchen clean the sink well and remove stains from the walls.

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