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Keep Your Flowers Alive And Vibrant

Keep Your Flowers Alive And Vibrant

Undoubtedly, flowers in our office bring a level of tranquility and stability. They also make us feel cheerful and improve our mood. But it is also important to know why keep your flowers alive and vibrant makes you look more professional.
Let’s start by saying that our work area is always a reflection of us. Having a messy and disorganized work area means that we are also like that.
The same goes for our flower arrangements, we should always keep them alive because it’s the little details that matter.
Receiving flowers on a daily basis would be the best way to solve the problem but it is not always within our possibilities.
That is why choosing to keep our vase always clean will help us.
We have to wash our vase and then fill it with clean water. Cleaning the vase every day will help to avoid storing microorganisms that reproduce thanks to the water.
To give a better finish to our flower arrangement. We have to prune it, pulling off the withered leaves and trimming some stems to make them absorb more water and thus live longer.
Keep Your Flowers Alive And Vibrant
How To Keep Your Flowers Alive And Vibrant
Placing your flowers in strategic areas is a good option. They have to be in a ventilated environment so they can breathe but avoid fans or air conditioners, these will make them wilt.
You can use a spray bottle filled with water to spray them from time to time.
You can also use a soda to spray them from time to time, this will help the sugar to keep them nourished for a long time.
One last tip is that in case you prefer not to use a vase, you can use floral foam. Insert the flowers and place a little water and they will absorb little by little. To know if they need water, touch the foam and see if it is dry.

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