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How To Take The Best Photos For Your Airbnb

How To Take The Best Photos For Your Airbnb

Photos have always played an important role in telling stories. Or highlighting something important. And Airbnb is no exception, since to get potential guests. It is always important to take care of the visual aspect. While there are many guides on the internet on how to take photos with many technicalities. We help you to know how to take the best photos for your Airbnb in a simple but professional way. This way you can increase the number of guests in your property.

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Before starting to take pictures

We must establish which scene we are going to take pictures of. For that we will have to have our house very clean and as tidy as possible. Since it will be the reflection of the host’s dedication. With a good scene and a good description for your Airbnb, will be able to project warmth and confidence. Once we have ready the place and the angle that best suits us. We must take the photo with the best possible light. For that we have to establish a schedule where we have the best light in our property. Either morning or afternoon light, but never at night. Unless you want to project something romantic by candlelight.
Learn How To Take The Best Photos For Your Airbnb
Take The Best Photos For Your Airbnb

Taking pictures in corners or outdoors

Corner photos are perfect to give perspective and make our place look much wider than usual. We must take into account the composition. So that everything looks as organic as possible. For example, if we take a picture of our kitchen. We must make sure that our appliances and furniture contrast with each other. That’s why is very important to know what appliances you need to take care of in your Airbnb.
And then, we must move around the kitchen. Until we find a place where the narutal light intervenes with the environment. And for the exterior, take a photo of the front or side of the property. Keeping in mind that the guest can locate the place.

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