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How to take care of your furniture during the move ?

Are you about to move house, city or country for the first time in your life and have no idea how to take care of your furniture? Moving from one place to another can take a long time and if you don’t protect them properly they can suffer damage that you don’t want to have to repair later. Today the Express Clean team shows you how to take care of your furniture during the move.

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What do we need to protect our bookcases, desks, paintings, sofas, and even our appliances?
  • Bubble wrap for the most fragile objects, and film paper to protect surfaces from scratches or dirt.
  • Reinforced cardboard boxes of different sizes. They are very useful for packing heavy objects such as closets and even for packing clothes vertically.
  • Packing tape and, for greater convenience, a dispenser to make your work easier.
  • Protective blankets complement the use of film on delicate surfaces.



How to take care of your furniture during the move?


How to take care of your furniture during the move

Packing according to the type of furniture
  • You can wrap your furniture in paper, bubble wrap or protective blankets, cardboard, or plastic. Protect the drawers and any other parts that can move so that they do not fall out during the trip. The packing process is done according to the type of furniture
  • Sofas, armchairs, and chairs in general: the film paper protects them very well during the trip. If they have movable chairs or legs, it is best to remove them and store them along with cushions and pillows so that they are not lost or damaged.
  • Mattresses: the best way to protect them is to use plastic covers. These are very useful to avoid scratches, wear and tear and general damage due to snagging with other sharp objects during the move.
  • Moving companies can give you a hand with the packing. But, if you decide to hire a moving company, we recommend that you supervise the procedure to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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