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Diseases Caused By Not Cleaning At Home

Diseases Caused By Not Cleaning At Home

Living in big cities consumes a lot of our time. And many times that means postponing necessary activities such as cleaning our home. That is why Diseases Caused By Not Cleaning At Home should be our priority.
We have to remember that our main goal is to deep clean every room in our house. Together with regular cleaning.
Head Lice
They are parasites that can be found anywhere and have the ability to reproduce very quickly. In a small house or apartment they can reproduce and transmit bacterial diseases.
Respiratory and pulmonary diseases
Diseases affecting the lungs can originate through inhaling dust with contaminants. As well as respiratory diseases such as asthma, they can be caused even in 50% of healthy people.
That is why it is important to emphasize that when cleaning furniture, face masks should be used to prevent chemicals or dust.
Bacterial infections
When we go outdoors, we are prone to have contact with thousands of bacteria. Even more if we don’t have the habit of washing our hands frequently.
Our clothes and hands are dirty and we touch tables, armchairs and light switches. Everything is contaminated with bacteria and we take it home with us.
Commonly called athlete’s foot. Caused by stepping on areas contaminated with this fungus or having contact with an infected person.

It is recommended to clean the bathroom floor often, because it is a humid place and it reproduces faster. That is why it is important to wash it often to avoid this type of disease. Now that you know why diseases caused by not cleaning at home. We recommend hiring a professional cleaning service from time to time. It will save you a lot of time and prevent your health from being put at risk.

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