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Clean Your Airbnb’s Air Conditioner

Clean Your Airbnb’s Air Conditioner

Airbnb is synonymous with tranquility and comfort. Their main objective is to provide a lodging service that meets the needs of different types of guests. And to meet these expectations, they need to have all the services working properly. That’s why today we leave you this guide on how to Clean Your Airbnb’s Air Conditioner. So you won’t have any bad reviews.
Air conditioners are vital for places where heat abounds. That’s why it’s important to keep yours in perfect condition.

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Otherwise, it could cause serious problems beyond not cooling. As spreading bacteria throughout the room and cause respiratory problems in your guests.
Clean the filters
The filter is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the air you breathe is healthy. As it collects dust mites, bacteria and viruses. To clean it, just open the lid of the lower split, take out the filter holder and gently vacuum it.
To clean it you can use a disinfectant and gently scrub it with a brush. You can let them dry in the shade.
How To Clean Your Airbnb's Air Conditioner
Maintaining Your Airbnb's Air Conditioner
Cleans the inner split
To clean it you only need soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Carve until clean and dry with a microfiber towel.
Check that the air inlets and the drain pipe are not obstructed. Clean the exchange coil with a brush or pressurized air to ensure proper operation.
Check your AC-refrigerant level
If your air conditioner makes too much noise or uses too much energy. Most likely the refrigerant is running low.
Check the type of refrigerant you need.

And also the temperature levels with the help of a digital thermometer. Call a professional to drain and fill your air conditioner with new refrigerant. In case the AC-refrigerant level is still in good condition. Put the filters back on and turn it on to check that it works perfectly.