You are currently viewing Annual Airbnb Maintenance Checklist

Annual Airbnb Maintenance Checklist

Annual Airbnb Maintenance Checklist

Having to clean our Airbnb requires a lot of time and effort. Since hundreds of people inhabit it annually. But it is necessary to keep your property clean. So that your guests get a good impression of your hospitality. We took on the task of creating a post of the things you should keep in mind. In your annual Airbnb maintenance checklist. Doing these things will keep your property up and running for a long time.

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In spring must to start the year off right with the good habit of cleaning. We will have to start tree trimming always preventing falls and electrocutions. And check if there are any ravages in pipes caused by the winter. Also, check the trees in case the frost has killed them. As well as check our roof for leaks from the thaw. We can take advantage of this season to plant our favorite plants. Since it is a great season that will last for the next 3 months.
Annual Airbnb Maintenance list
Annual Airbnb Care Checklist


In this part we will dedicate ourselves to the exterior cleaning of our house. It is time to bring it back to life by inspecting it for signs of wear and tear. If this is the case we should take the opportunity to repair and paint the house. Also, check the gutters in case there are leaves and stagnant dirt. Wash our stained windows and clean our garage. Finally, you can make the most of the season to cleaning your pool, to get ride all the dirt.


The only thing we want is to take a break from the first months. We have to fix the gardens and use sprinklers, it all depends on the type of Aribnb. Also inside the house we have to clean the fans and the air conditioner.


This season is one of the most beautiful. But it is also when we are most active doing household activities for the holidays. Besides, helps us to make an inventory of the things that are no longer useful but that we can’t get rid of.
Annual Airbnb Maintenance Check list

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