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A successful home office routine

A successful home office routine

After the COVID-19 pandemic, our way of working changed utterly. Traditional offices were left behind, and we moved on to setting up a small space in our home. Today, we show you how to have a successful home office routine.

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1. Program your schedule

Scheduling your plan on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule will help you clarify your tasks and projects.  Experts recommend carrying a physical plan where you can write.  So, if you are more technological, you can help with digital calendars or planners.

2. Clean your workspace 

You should adequately organize and clean your workspace at least once a week.  That will help you stay focused and enjoy the time you spend in that place.  Important: Remember to unplug any electronic device before cleaning and to use the appropriate tools such as gloves, mask, and disinfectant. 


3. Get ready as if you were going to the office. 

Getting up early, showering, dressing comfortably, and eating breakfast will help you prepare your mind for the workday. Do not forget to plan your lunch hour, as having a set schedule will help you to have a more productive day. 

4. Take breaks 

Working at home may make you feel more focused, and time may fly by while you are in front of your computer. For this reason, we recommend you schedule your active breaks, this way, you will avoid physical and mental exhaustion.  Generally, an active break can take 10 to 15 minutes, and you can use it to stretch your muscles, have your favorite drink, or take your pet for a short walk. 

5. Self-care

Dedicate a few minutes a day to take care of yourself; you can listen to your favorite podcast, do your facial care routine, read a few pages of a book, meditate or pray. You can also take physical activity with 30 or 40 minutes of exercise daily, enough to keep your heart and mind in good shape. 

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