Foreclosure Cleaning in Aurora

If the real estate agent called you, notifying you that there is an opportunity to sell or buy a property for foreclosure.

Your first reaction is of concern, because you don’t know in what conditions the house will be.


Eliminate foreclosure cleanup concerns

As a homeowner or real estate company, we offer you our exclusive deep cleaning and total disinfection service.

We have a lot of experience in this type of situation and we offer you the perfect solution in terms of repairs, rubble, disinfection of spaces and difficult cases.

We specialize in difficult cases

Our specialty is the most difficult cases, in terms of abandoned homes.

Paint and minor repairs

We make a total inventory of all the facilities of the house, including walls, sinks, toilets, showers, electrical installations.

We offer you the best repair and painting plan for your entire home, oriented to a foreclosure model.

Rubble Boat

We handle all the accumulations of plastic material, garbage, earth, cardboard, waste, remains of furniture and dead animals.

We clear all areas of the debris housing, for its perfect traffic and enjoyment.

Deep cleaning

Abandoned buildings accumulate large amounts of land and dust. This situation is very harmful to your health.

Thinking about the best for you, we perform a deep and comprehensive cleaning of the entire house. In order to completely remove, dust and dirty particles adhered to all surfaces.

We wash all floors, apply disinfectant products, remove stains, degrease the kitchen.

Hire our foreclosure cleaning services in Aurora

We are the only ones that can guarantee you full satisfaction for the work done.

We have the most reasonable price rates in the market and the most complete cleaning plans.

Staff with great experience and mystique of a job. Request a no obligation quote.

Our mission is to serve you, support you and offer you a magnificent foreclosure cleaning service in Aurora.